How to go collared to family gatherings!

How to go collared at family get togethers


3 tips to wearing your bdsm collar at family and holiday gatherings.


The holidays are coming up. And that means family dinner with Aunt Penny and Uncle Tom, whom know nothing about your chosen lifestyle and certainly would not approve

What are you going to do about your collar? Are you going to take it off, Are you OK with taking it off? Is your significant other ok with taking it off? No?

Ok, now what? How do you wear a collar to a family event without starting a judgment fest on your life?


Hide it in plain sight!

Going collared to family events, without outing yourself and playing the "I'm the black sheep" card is simple with a little bit of planing ahead.

Step One

Make sure you have the right collar first! A collar is a very special part of your relationship, and it should be both meaningful to you and appropriate for your life. If you are the stay-at-home type that is really only going to be interacting with other people in your chosen lifestyle, then by all means don't be picky. However, if you are like the rest, and interact with the Vanilla public quite often, you need to make sure your collar is something appropriate for both the bedroom and the boardroom. You can learn more about choosing a versatile collar for everyday wear in This blog post.

Step Two

Wear appropriate clothing that compliments your collar! You wouldn't think that your clothing makes much of a difference in how your collar is perceived, but it very much does. Imagine this: You have a beautiful, handcrafted collar on that you never have problems wearing out, and then you show up to your family dinner in a latex catsuit. Yeah, busted.

A bit extreme, but you get the point.

If your outfit draws too much attention and gives off a certain vibe then people might be able to put 2 and 2 together.

Now imaging walking into your family dinner with a lovely twill skirt on, a nice blouse, a pair of stunning heeled boots, and your beloved collar on. You will not only look amazing, but your collar will be transformed into a trendy accessory!

Step Three

Coordinate Accessories! Now that you have picked the right collar, and you have put together your amazingly complimentary outfit... lets talk about accessories. Adding a matching pair of earrings or a matching bracelet to any collar automatically takes it to a new level of camouflage with the vanilla world. Suddenly, you are wearing designer jewelry instead of a 'taboo' symbol, and the comments will go from "uh..." to "oooooh, ahhh!". Just beware, your fashionista family might want to know where they can get your look for themselves!

Need some help designing your perfect collar? Let me help by Contacting Me!


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