Oh Onyx! The meaning of a beautiful black gemstone!

The Meaning of Onyx: Courage and Protection

Onyx, the gemstone of courage!


Oh Onyx! Your deep black beauty has captured the attention of the world over for centuries. As not only a beautiful jewelry gem, but also as an adornment in swords, shields, and sacred texts.


Remnants of Love

Legend has it that Onyx came directly from the Roman Goddess of love, sex, beauty and fertility; Venus. According to myth, Venus reclined on a warm summer afternoon along the banks of the Indus river with Cupid, whom was submissive to her and served her. While she slept Cupid groomed her, trimming her nails and allowing the clippings to fall into the flowing water. 

Being of immortal substance the clippings didn't simply float away, instead they sunk to the bottom of the river and were transformed into Onyx.

The Romans weren't the only ones with divine aspirations for Onyx. Described in Genesis as the Stone of Creation, it is written that Onyx resided in the lands surrounding Eden [Genesis 2:10-12]. Revered as a stone of protection, it was said among many cultures that wearing Onyx would give the bearer courage!

Onyx, part of the Gemstone Collection

This beautiful Quartz cousin has been captured the fascination of mystics, royalty, and lovers for eons. It has been said that wearing onyx would boost self confidence, vitality, and even stamina, making is a popular lover's token.

Today, Onyx is primarily used as a beautiful jewelry accent, and it still a very popular lover's token. As a matter of fact, it is my most requested gemstone, which isn't surprising considering ther versaility of Onyx. It simply looks amazing with everything, and everything looks stunning with onyx!

You can find this lovely gemstone in the Gemstone collection.

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