Chainmail Owl Necklace

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This little owl necklace will have you swooning with cuteness! A tiny, handcrafted chainmail owl sculpture dangles from a twist link chain for an adorable owl necklace that is as unique as it is cute! From the bright golden eyes, to the tiny claw feet and everywhere in between, this lovely owl necklace is light, fun and feathery! Each wing has been laser engraved with a realistic feather pattern, and can flap just like a real owl's wing.

Pendant size: 1.5 inches (3.8 cm)Disable SCAYT

Necklace Length: You Choose

  • Uniquely crafted mini sculpture made entirely from tiny jump rings.
  • Feather etched wings that you can really move and flap.
  • Wide set, adorable eyes to melt your heart and sole.
  • Light design, for ultimate comfort.
  • Easily cleaned with soap and water to restore adorable luster.
  • 100% handcrafted.

This lovely little owl necklace is constructed from anodized aluminum. It will not rust or tarnish, and is feather light! This cute little owl sculpture is handcrafted from individual chainmail rings, that are hand woven together one at a time!