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Gemstone Covenant Locking Bracelet

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Honoring your unique relationship has never been so beautiful as it is with the Gemstone Covenant Bracelet. Handcrafted from high quality fine stainless steel chain, this stunning locking bracelet features 3 gemstone spheres symbolizing You, Your Partner, and the beautifully unique Covenant between you both!

Perfect for those situations when a traditional BDSM collar isn't appropriate, the Gemstone Covenant is discreet, fashionable, and as stunningly beautiful as your lifestyle.

Length: You Choose

Material: Fine Stainless Steel Chain

Closure: Heart shaped padlock and 2 keys

Gemstone: You Choose

  • Beautiful stainless steel construction for hypoallergenic, everyday wear that will not rust or tarnish.
  • Can be worn while showering or swimming.
  • Fully functioning heart padlock that appears as a fashionable pendant for a discreet collar experience.
  • Genuine gemstones for a durable, and luxuriously fashionable collar.
  • 2 heart shaped keys, so a key is always available.
  • 100% handcrafted.

Stainless Steel is non tarnishing, does not rust, and is perfect for 24/7 wear! Please never wearing locking jewelry without the key available, for your safety.

Always Shipped Discreetly!