Phoenix Rising Copper Bracelet

Be reborn in fire, harnessing the power of your beautiful strength and let your inner Phoenix rise.

Imagine yourself a goddess, worshiped for your strength and cunning. You have no equal, you’ve nearly mastered all things in the universe. But there is one thing you covet, the beautiful power or the fiery Phoenix. You seek her out in her flame filled home, and impress her with your prowess. In honor of your beauty and strength, she presents you with a stunning bracelet crafted from her plumage, a symbol to all that you have risen above like the glorious phoenix herself.

With the Phoenix Rising bracelet, the world is yours for the taking. You have but to beckon it with a smoldering look.

Complete your look with the matching Earrings and Necklace!

About the Phoenix Rising Bracelet

Part of my newest collection, Phoenix Rising, the Phoenix Rising Bracelet is one of 3 signature pieces forged in fire, bursting with beautiful colors. Phoenix Rising is a celebration of your strength, accenting your stunning form with blazing beauty.

Handcrafted from the finest recycled copper, this stunning bracelet is equal parts eco-friendly and envy worthy. Finished with hand woven chainmail band, and a hand hammered copper toggle this gorgeous bracelet will be the prized jewel of your jewelry collection.

Each piece of the Phoenix Rising collection is unique in it’s creation, infused with provocative colors that surprise and delight, born from the flames of passion. Be careful when wearing the Phoenix Feather bracelet, you just might set the world on fire!

  • Artful design that elevates your natural beauty and celebrates your unique strength!
  • Each Phoenix Feather is flame painted by hand, to produce a unique look and color combination every time.
  • 100% recycled copper means your jewelry is eco-friendly, making you a earth friendly goddess!
  • Looks great with any style. Dress it up with formal wear or down with jeans and a tshirt!
  • Sealed with a non-toxic polymer coating to ensure the stunning colors on your Phoenix Feather resist fading and tarnish.
  • Backed by 30 day guarantee for creator defects, so you can focus on being the goddess you are.



Bracelet Length: You Choose

Clasp: Copper Lobster Claw


 Included in your Purchase

1 Phoenix Rising Bracelet

1 Designer gift box


 About Phoenix Rising Collection

Phoenix Rising is a celebration of your beautiful strength and overcoming adversity. It’s a celebration of your ability to jump the hurdles, beat the odds, and rise like the phoenix from the ashes more beautiful than ever before.

Handcrafted from eco-friendly recycled copper, each piece is 100% unique. Each color you see in Phoenix rising is created through the heat of the flame, tempered in my studio with torch in hand, the colors burst forth creating a beautiful rainbow born from adverse conditions, just like your beautiful strength. Want to read more about Phoenix Rising? Check out my blog at


 About Serenity in Chains

Here at Serenity in Chains we pride ourselves in using only the most stunning components to bring the most sensual designs to life. Your desires are our will. Each piece is handcrafted to highlight your beauty, raise your confidence, and help you take the world by storm.

Want beckon them with a smoldering look? We can help you achieve that!

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 Return Policy

To view our return policy please visit our Policies.


 Jewelry Care and Cleaning

Each Phoenix feather is flame painted by hand to produce a stunning array of colors. Due to the nature of our natural copper, a nontoxic polymer coating is applied to reduce the risk of tarnish and diminishing of color. As such, only clean you necklace with gentle soap and water, and pat dry thoroughly.

Never apply harsh jewelry cleaners, as they will damage the colorful finish.

FREE CLEANING IS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST!! Simply send your jewelry back to my studio with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and I will happily clean your jewelry for you!


 Packaging and Shipping

Your privacy is my top priority. I know how nosey neighbors can be, and we don’t need them knowing your business do we? Each Serenity in Chains purchase comes carefully packaged in our signature box or storage pouch, and a plain manilla bubble mailer.

Your external package is never marked with anything indicating the contents, so let the nosey neighbors snoop. They will never know the sexy surprise held within!

We always ship discreetly!


 How do I know you are worth it?

It’s a valid question. Undoubtedly you’ve spent hours or days searching for the perfect piece of sensual boosting jewelry. But why choose Serenity in Chains? Our quality!

Each piece is handcrafted and tested for beauty and durability. Jan and I take pride in our designs, if we wouldn’t wear it we won’t offer it for your pleasure.

But don’t take my word for it… read the ★★★★★ reviews from other delighted clients in our testimonials!