Rainbow Bracelet

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Our rainbow bracelet is a beautiful celebration of color. This lovely rainbow bracelet brings ROYGBIV to Chainmail jewelry in a delicate half Persian Chainmail bracelet with one color fading into the next to create an ombré look. Another piece of our PRIDE line, this simple yet stunning Chainmail rainbow bracelet looks great on anyone! Whether you are gay, bi, trans, straight, man, women, or anywhere in between, this Beautiful piece of rainbow Chainmail jewelry will look stunning on you!

Length: Your choice!
Clasp: Claw

  • Jewel bright colors that wont chip or crack, ensuring that you can enjoy the rainbow every day, rain or shine.
  • Slinky half persin design that feels like silk around your wrist.
  • Feather light so that you never feel weighed down by your jewelry.
  • 100% handcrafte chainmail, woven 1 link at a time so that you bracelet is a true work of art.